Welcome to the Kilometrage Capture Solution — the pro-active online kilometrage capture tool chosen by a number of the world's largest businesses

Seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, or into one of TMC’s fleet management solutions, Kilometrage Capture lets you benefit from:

  • Substantial savings in cost and administration
  • Compliance with country-specific Tax regulations - Kilometrage Capture was developed in consultation with government bodies.
  • Free Corporate Manslaughter protection — compliance with new legislation became a requirement for all UK companies in 2007
  • Pro–active mileage capture — employees get notified by e-mail, SMS and phone when their submissions are outstanding
  • Built in Duty of Care solution — employees sign a safety declaration on a monthly basis (custom made)
  • Paperless VAT reclaim
  • Co–branded user interface

Mileage Capture Solution — Details  

Measure your fleet's carbon footprint — and reduce it  

You can now accurately measure and report your fleet’s carbon emissions, allowing you to take steps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and to measure the impact of those actions.

TMC has developed a device that monitors the exact number of miles that drivers cover over a certain period of time, and that provides accurate information on the volume of carbon being produced by both the company car fleet and the cash allowance fleet. Read more